Mary Ann Marriott, CIRP
Estate Manager, Insolvency Specialization

Mary Ann has been with Haley & Associates Inc. since it opened in 2005, holding two positions – one as an Estate Manager and the other as Marketing Manager. Mary Ann is registered as a Qualified Insolvency Counsellor and an Insolvency Administrator with Industry Canada. She has recently obtained her CIRP (Certified Insolvency Restructuring Professional) Designation and is in pursuit of her Trustee designation. Prior to working with Haley & Associates Inc., Mary Ann ran her own networking business, assisted in the development of a financial counselling company and contributed to several books. Mary Ann continues to make presentations to both individuals and businesses on Money Management, Credit and Insolvency. Mary Ann has a passion for networking, shown by her past and present involvement in various community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Business Network International and women’s networking groups. Mary Ann currently provides advice in the Bridgewater, Liverpool, Chester, Windsor and Tantallon offices helping both individuals and businesses to find solutions to their financial issues. Mary Ann’s commitment to establishing the firm’s presence along the South Shore has been integral to the development of the company.
Mary Ann Marriott, CIRP
Estate Manager, Insolvency Specialization
902-530-7000 ext 223
Cell: 902-440-6800